29 thoughts on “1918 Sweet Babee Bottle Advertisement

  1. I didn’t know that baby bottles used to be made from glass. That would have made them very easy to sterilize, but I wonder how often they were accidentally broken? Babies must have been closely supervised when they were using them. 🙂

    1. For years my parents had a collection of glass baby bottles in the basement, from when I was a kid, so they must have still been glass in the early 60s.

      This is one of those many topics I’ve never thought about. It seems like they’re an item that must have always existed, but obviously, they didn’t.

      1. So many things have changed across the years – and some of those changes somehow occur almost unnoticed. Until I started reading these comments, I hadn’t really thought about when bottles shifted from glass to plastic.

    2. My mother used glass bottles when we were small and then switched over to the plastic ones when we were old enough to hold the bottle. Evenflo nursers was the brand; I’m sure glass was preferred because of the intense sterilization process. When my first child was born in 1978 I used those same glass bottles. Second child had plastic! I did use an electric sterilizer just as a safety check. How far we’ve come.

  2. I guess they want the druggists name so they can promptly sell him a display! Reversible nipple? Does that mean it can be turned inside out and used on either side? Makes for easy cleaning if nothing else! ~Elle

    1. Yep – it sounds like they wanted the druggist’s name so they could try to convince him to sell these bottles. It’s an interesting approach to marketing.

    1. It’s nice to hear that you enjoyed this post. I tend to look through old magazines ,and if an ad or article piques my interest I’ll select it for a post (and hope that others also find it interesting).

    1. The company selected an odd picture to illustrate the ad. A hundred years ago, it apparently was common to prop babies up to feed themselves – otherwise it doesn’t seem like this picture would have been used as the image in the ad. Yet, in addition to all the general issues about babies feeding themselves, it seems like it would have been dangerous to let babies hold glass bottles.

    1. In general, I think that items are about 16 times as expensive now as they were 1918. So, that bottle would cost about $4.80 in today’s dollars. Is that comparable to the cost of baby bottles now? I have no idea they currently cost.

      1. There is a range of prices, but I think you could get them less expensively today if you want to buy the lower end. Maybe that’s because everything is “made in China.”

  3. I am looking at the graphics of the ad. Why those little white blocks, and the oval seems to be “attached” to the background with double stitching. All a bit distracting from the product and message. The headline font looks like it is trying to enter the more streamlined deco 1920s . . . some designer is trying to be modern! Love the actual bottle design. Always fun seeing old ads!

    1. It’s fascinating to think about this from the prospective of a graphic designer, and to try to guess about why these design decisions were made. It’s really odd how the oval almost looks like it is a patch that was stitched onto the textured background.

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