1917 Gulden Advertisement

Source: Good Housekeeping (July, 1917)

I tend to think that there were no commercially prepared foods in the mid-1800s – but I’ve learned that’s not true. Some food products have been around for more than 150 years. According to a 1917 advertisement, Gulden Mustard is one of those foods.

14 thoughts on “1917 Gulden Advertisement

  1. Two things are interesting about this. One is that a prepared food like this was available so many years ago, and the other is that I’ve never heard of Gulden’s. It has to be in all the stores. Apparently growing up in a French’s mustard household has blinded me to other brands.

  2. I suppose that while there were lots of preserves those were done at home for families…of course there was ‘snake oil’ around and the salesmen that went with it😉

  3. “Gulden’s is the 3rd largest manufacturer of mustard after French’s and Grey Poupon in the U.S.” per wikipedia. We have about 5 different kinds of mustard in the refrigerator at any time, especially in summer when we are eating more sandwiches and grilled items.

    We always buy Gulden’s spicy brown. French’s yellow is what we put on hot dogs with pickle relish and onions. Never catsup.

  4. I love the old advertisements. This mustard one is lovely for its concentration on natural healthy foods. And yes, I tend to think there were not processed foods in the old days…. but where there is a profit, there is always a way.

  5. Mustard. Our family is just beginning to use it and quantities. When you go for only vegetables you need to have some sort of a kick and mustard is a great idea and a great opportunity to mix in with the veggies.

  6. I grew up in the South and never noticed any other mustard aside from the standard yellow one. In NY, Gulden’s was everywhere. Now, back in the South, we keep three kinds of mustard on hand. When we have hot dogs and brats with our grandsons, we four use three different mustards. I’ll bet there are tons of choices in the supermarket.

  7. I’m from the South and I’ve been eating Gulden’s since 1967. I also like the yellow mustard, but prefer Gulden’s. We had just moved to California and were grocery shopping. We needed everything, including condiments. We had never had Gulden’s before and my dad must have been familiar with it because he suggested getting it. It became a staple from then on, but I always associate it with living in California! I had no idea that it had been around for so long.

  8. It’s interesting that the ad uses the term “cleanly made”. I tend to think of that as a modern term (ie. clean eating). Interesting!

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