Hundred-Year-Old Silver (25th) Wedding Anniversary Tablescape

Source: Ladies Home Journal (November, 1911)
Source: Ladies Home Journal (November, 1911)

Milestone wedding anniversaries are a cause for celebration both now and a hundred year ago. Here’s an old-time suggestion for a lovely silver (25th) wedding anniversary tablescape:

Inverted in a fern dish of the same metal a silver vase forms the fountain, the falling water being strands of silver tinsel. Feathery moss, violets, and lilies-of-the-valley are arranged in the top of the fountain; also border the “pool” which is a mirror. The silver dishes contain bonbons in violet, white, and pistachio.

Ladies Home Journal (November, 1911)

27 thoughts on “Hundred-Year-Old Silver (25th) Wedding Anniversary Tablescape

  1. What I like about this is the creativity. No trip to the Dollar Store (or Macy’s) here, I’ll bet. Most women had a few nice pieces that could be used to create tablescapes, and this is a nice one.

    1. I also wondered where they put the food. Perhaps it was served as a buffet – though I don’t think that buffets were as popular back then as what they are now.

    1. I think that anniversary parties may have been more common a hundred years ago than what they are now. The tight-knit rural communities and small towns that were so prevalent back then were the kinds of places where family and friends enjoyed coming together to celebrate milestones. And, with the shorter life expectancies that existed back then, reaching the 25th wedding anniversary may have been considered a very important milestone.

  2. Mirrors. Oh yes. 55 years and expecting more. God Willing. Mirrored tables I will do next week. Anniversaries and birthday pot luck celebrations by Sheila’s mirrors. What absolute fun. I will report.

  3. Sure wish someone had made this much fuss over my 25th Anniversary. I guess I’ll have to do a whole lot of hinting to get something going for my 50th in a couple of years.

    1. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t seem like 25th wedding anniversary celebrations are as popular as they once were. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you get a lovely event for your 50th.

  4. I love the idea of using mirrors to ccreate a dramatic table and still have a set to feature flowers and candles. It’s a rectangular mirror with beveled edges and two side pieces and the whole thing reflects and glows. Weren’t they clever 100 years ago? And many of us still follow their traditions.

    1. I really like how people made decorations using materials that they had on hand back then rather than going to the store to buy commercially-made decorations.

  5. I love the author’s attempt to make a visual representation of this. Imagine how beautiful it would look if photographed! The moss and Lily of the valley and tinsel and everything silver and reflecting. Beautiful!

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