Serve Eggs Every Morning

fried eggs

Serve eggs every morning if you like, but do not repeat the same method of cooking more than twice a month.

Good Housekeeping (July, 1915)

Let’s see, I could make scrambled eggs one morning, fried eggs the next, then hard-boiled eggs, followed by soft-boiled eggs, and then poached eggs followed by an omelet. That’s only six different ways to make eggs.

Help! I have no idea how to make eggs 15 or 16 different ways.

49 thoughts on “Serve Eggs Every Morning


  2. Let me think… Breakfast casserole,fried egg & bacon sandwiches and if you have left over mash potatoes ,fry potatoes until hot then make little cup like wholes in potatoes ,fill with an egg, put lid on pan with heat turned off,let set for a bit.

    1. I’ll have to try to fried potato/egg combination. When I was a child, we often had fried potatoes and fried eggs for breakfast. This sounds like a fun variation of that.

  3. Change your omelette ingredients, that makes it different. Make a quiche. I’m sure you can find many, many different ways to make eggs. Frittata, different ingredients in scrambled, egg, burrito, eggs in bread, egg salad, deviled eggs, pickled eggs. poached eggs, scotch eggs, eggs Benedict…… You could probably do a new one every day!

    1. Wow, you came up with lots of ways to cook eggs. Assuming that there are at least a couple ways to change omelet and scrambled eggs ingredients I think you’ve come up with enough ways to make eggs so that you won’t need to repeat a cooking method more than twice a month. 🙂

  4. How about the Sllovak/Polish “Egg Cheese” at Easter? The British call our French Toast Egg Bread I think, that’s another way.

    1. I’d never heard of Sllovak/Polish “Egg Cheese” before I saw your comment; but the name sounded intriguing, so I googled it. It looks like a really interesting food that would be fun to make. I might have to give it a try sometime.

  5. Love eggs for breakfast/brunch. They are so versatile and tasty!
    It’s such a shame that at one point doctors treated them like pure evil, while recommending unnatural horrendous substitutes. At least now it’s fairly safe to say eggs are acutely very good for you…
    I would add to the list shirred eggs (i.e. baked eggs), and eggs cooked with vegetables (I have 2 recipes in my blog and will probably add more, as there are endless combinations)…

    Now I’m going to have some eggs. 🙂

  6. Don’t forget poached or as my mother called them “dropped egg on toast”. My favorite but I no longer eat bread. My mother ate eggs every day of her adult life, mostly fried or soft boiled. (When she was a child (in Ireland), eggs had to be sold and only the Granny got the egg except for Easter, the children each got an egg.) A doctor told her not to and then checked her cholesterol. He decided it checked out fine and told her to “keep doing what you are doing”. She lived to be 86 and worked every day.

    1. Whew, money must have been tight if the kids only got eggs at Easter. Since I enjoy eggs, I’m glad that doctors now seem to think it’s okay to eat eggs. It sounds like they worked fine as a regular part of your Granny’s diet.

    1. Women definitely spent their time doing different things a hundred years ago than what they do now. Cooking must have been so much more time-consuming back then.

  7. Oh no, everyone beat me to the egg recipes, but I do know I put two hard boiled eggs in the center of my meatloaf. When you slice it, oh boy, you get a treat. My grandma Hannah taught me that idea.
    Lula taught me to make Eggs in a hole. You tear a small hole, big enough for the yoke, in slices of bread and fry on each side. Actually I think they are called Toads in a Hole.
    You can be certain that I will be thinking of eggs for a long time. Thank you Sheryl and everyone.

  8. Wow! Some great ideas. I can easily eat eggs daily.
    I like to try and incorporate them with the previous night’s leftovers. A flexible way that I make them is, for example, with leftover stew. I will heat up the saucy stew and when it’s hot enough to cook the eggs, I’ll crack several into the pot (don’t stir) and cover it. 3 to 5 minutes depending how well you want your eggs cooked.

  9. I may have missed it–but I think that you are the first person to mention deviled eggs. I don’t know how I didn’t think of them myself. They are one of my favorite ways of serving eggs.

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