Former Pastor Preached Sermon

19-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Sunday, June 7, 1914:  Our former pastor was back to preach this morning. Went for a walk this afternoon.

Photo Source: The Monday Heretic
Photo Source: The Monday Heretic

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Grandma attended the Baptist Church in McEwensville. The church hadn’t had a minister since early January—so it must have been a real treat to have a visit from the former pastor.

On January 4, 1914 Grandma wrote:

Our minister is going to leave soon. He preached his farewell sermon today. I am so sorry to see him go. There were some misty eyes in church this afternoon.

And, on March 29, 1914, she wrote:

Went to Sunday school this afternoon. Attended church, which isn’t very often since we don’t have a regular preacher as yet. . .

And, in the weeks since then she only mentioned going to Sunday School, so the church probably still did not have a new minister.

The McEwensville Baptist Church is long gone. It probably shuttered its doors sometime during the 1920s. A hundred years ago there were many more small churches in rural hamlets than there are now. Many struggled financial and found it difficult to keep a minister because they were unable to pay very much.

10 thoughts on “Former Pastor Preached Sermon

  1. And since ministers didn’t receive much money anyway, it shows just how difficult finances were if the community couldn’t afford a minister.

  2. I am sure they enjoyed his visit and his message that Sunday. It is always sad to see a church close its doors. Sadly what little country churches that were left are starting to close doors and soon there will no longer be any more small country churches.

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