1914 Carter Baby Carriage Advertisement

19-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Friday, May 22, 1914:  I saw the dear little babe this evening. How proud I was that it was my little niece. How I longed for one, I alone know. Ruth and I attended the commencement at Watsontown.

Source: Milton Evening Standard (April 1, 1914)
Source: Milton Evening Standard (April 1, 1914)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:


Congratulations! Your niece sounds really special. Did you get to hold her?

Did you sister Besse get any baby gifts? I saw an advertisement for Carter Baby Carriages in your local paper. Maybe someone will give her one. It looks awesome.

The baby was born two days prior to this diary entry. On May 20, 1914, Grandma wrote:

This afternoon I learned that I am an “auntie” for the second time. It is a little baby girl. Mingled with this new joy is a dim foreboding.

Besse lived in Watsontown. It is located about 1 1/2 miles from the Muffly farm. Grandma and her other sister Ruth probably stopped by Besse’s home to see the baby then continued on the commencement. MyWatsontown has a list of the 1914 graduates. There were 12 graduates. Which were friends of Grandma and Ruth? I don’t recognize any of the names.

12 thoughts on “1914 Carter Baby Carriage Advertisement

  1. I’m sure it was a very happy time for the family. Aw….Grandma longing for a baby….. pssst, Grandma, we KNOW it will happen one day!

  2. Very sad that grandma had to be concerned over the fragility of life during this very special time in hers. I hope that didn’t last long and that she was able to embrace the beauty and wonder of a new life.

  3. Aren’t ad’s funny from back then? They made some pretty outrages claims about the medicinal virtues of there wares. Still, it’s awfully cute. I guess that baby would be 100 years old this year too. Do you know much about the niece?

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