Two Unhappy Sisters

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Saturday, December 20, 1913:  Ruth and I had a sorry time of it this evening. It was a tongue fight.

Source: Kimball's Dairy Farmer Magazine (April 1, 1913)
Source: Kimball’s Dairy Farmer Magazine (April 1, 1913)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Whew, what anger! What did Grandma and her sister Ruth fight about?

Sometimes when I read a diary entry, I can’t help imagining a story in my mind even though it’s probably wrong.

Here’s the story I imagine—

I think that the fight was about who was going to milk the cows. Ruth went to Sunbury from December 15 to December 19. On the 15th Grandma wrote:

Ruthie left for Sunbury this morning, also left me all the milking, but I’m pretty hardened to that.

Since Grandma did all of the milking for four days while Ruth as gone, I think that she wanted Ruth take a turn at doing all the milking so that Grandma could go somewhere and have a little fun. . . but Ruth refused.

. .. . Or maybe Ruth just took off to visit friends or attend a show without doing her share of the milking, and Grandma was once again forced to do it all. . . . . . . Or. . . .

17 thoughts on “Two Unhappy Sisters

  1. In my experience, sisters, especially sisters of that age, can find all sorts of things to argue about! But I’d bet anything you’re right that it has something to do with the chores.

  2. Your Grandmother was probably exasperated and in need of a break. If Ruth didn’t help out that day I can understand her getting mad. Or it could have been an accumulation of things simmering under the surface and then out it came all at once.

    Did your Great Grandparents have any kind of holiday preparations going on? If that were the case it would add to the stress and work.

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