A Day to Relax and Develop Film

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Thursday, October 2, 1913: Ma and I staid at home today, while the rest of the family attended the Fair. To while away the time I got at my pictures and was quite satisfied with the result.

Source: Ladies Home Journal (May, 1913)
A woman developing film (photo source: Ladies Home Journal: May, 1913)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:


Yeah! You got a free day when you could relax and enjoy your hobbies.

When I first read this diary entry, I felt sad that you didn’t get to go to the Milton Fair—but when I reread it I decided that you didn’t care.

You’ve worked so hard helping with the corn harvest—and I bet it feels really good that when your dad took a day off to go to the fair, you also got the day off.

You enjoy photography so much, and I can just picture you developing a roll of film and getting some awesome pictures.


13 thoughts on “A Day to Relax and Develop Film

  1. I know I’d rather have a quiet day at home than go to a crowded fair! It would be wonderful to come across some of Helena’s photos–I suppose that’s too much to hope for?

  2. I agree with KerryCan about a quiet day at home. Whenever we read Grandma’s entries about her pictures, we’re reminded again just how far photography has come since her time!

  3. I can certainly relate to the ‘doing quieter things by myself’ rather than joining in frenetic activities with others. Introvert vs Extrovert. Was your grandmother an introvert?

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