On Duty in the Corn Field

 18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Thursday, September 25, 1913:  Went to Watsontown this morning. I’m on duty now out in the corn field. The beginning took place this afternoon. Somehow or other I imaged I would accomplish more than what I did. This is an opportunity to earn some money of which I always seem in need.


Last year on the farm where Grandma grew up, there was corn in the field right next to the barn.  Was Grandma working in the same field a hundred years ago today?

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Grandma, I’m glad you’re earning some money, but exactly what are you doing in the corn field? It’s the right season to harvest corn, so I suppose that you are somehow helping with it.


19 thoughts on “On Duty in the Corn Field

  1. And what did she spend her money on, I wonder? My great-aunt on 25 Sept 1907, iced a cake which her mother had made and then they went to a ‘social’ with the cake. Her sister sang a solo at the social and they all had a grand time. Not sure if her Mamma went to the social, or if it was just the young ladies of the house. As with Helena, life revolves around the family and church and the small community.

  2. It’s so amazing to imagine your grandmother right there in that field 100 years ago….! Maybe she’ll share with us in a future entry what she bought with her money.

  3. It’s wonderful to see the cornfield where your grandma might have worked so many years ago. Do you suppose she spent her money on catalog shopping? I think you could even buy a house through the Sears catalog then.

  4. Since she wasn’t given a teaching job, I suppose she had to take advantage of every opportunity to earn some money for herself.

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