Need to Remember: July 27, 1912 – August 19, 1913

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Tuesday, August 19, 1913:  Went to a party over at Stout’s this evening. Had quite a nice time.  July 27, 1912 – Aug 19, 1913: I can’t forget that.

The road Grandma walked to McEwensville now dead-ends at Interstate I-180.

The Stout home was located near here. It burned down years ago–and Interstate I-180 now cuts through the farm where the Stout’s once lived.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Carrie Stout was one of Grandma’s friends. She lived on a farm that was midway between the Muffly farm and McEwensville. Who else was at the party?

Grandma,  why are the dates special: July 27, 1912 to the day you wrote the diary entry (August 19, 1913)? What was so memorable about the starting date?   Did something end?. . .or would it continue into future days?

12 thoughts on “Need to Remember: July 27, 1912 – August 19, 1913

  1. I had to go look and see what she wrote on the earlier date. It really didn’t give me much of a clue. I did see that Carrie visited on July 26, 1912, so maybe that was significant.

  2. She certainly doe not give much away in her words. I think I will need to go back over my own diaries to see whether I have left confusion for others to try and fathom out! 🙂

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