1913 Gift Suggestions

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Sunday, May 4, 1913:  Went to Sunday School this afternoon. Although it is over a week since commencement, I received a present today. Making eighteen in all.

Sewing bag (Source: Ladies Home Journal, November, 1913)
sewing bag (source: Ladies Home Journal, November, 1913)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Hmm. . . What present did Grandma receive? . .

It probably was a small gift from her Sunday School teacher or another church member. . . maybe something  handmade.

Grandma previously mentioned getting a hat pin, a handkerchief, a $2 bill, and a dress.

The November, 1913 issue of  Ladies Home Journal suggested a few small gifts that could be made for 25¢ to $1. The magazine probably was thinking about Christmas when they published the article, but many of the gifts would have been equally appropriate as graduation gifts.

hair bow
hair bow
Book cover
book cover

28 thoughts on “1913 Gift Suggestions

  1. She did receive a lot of presents! I love the gift ideas you came across for 1913, I’m so old-fashioned in my taste and would love any one of those as a gift, even now. 🙂

  2. Gosh, I am not that old ! but I do remember making a draw string bag at sewing class at school. And I am delighted to see the book cover. I was remembering these the other day and thinking how practical they were. I couldn’t find one when I wanted one for my great grandmother’s Bible a few years back but I suppose one could find them on Etsy these days.

    1. Thanks for the nice note. I have a lot of fun doing the research for the posts–and it’s always wonderful to hear when others appreciate it.

  3. so very interesting. As someone who *almost* lost a bag/purse today, I was very interested in this post! I also always think of my grandmother(s) when reading your blog.

    1. I read the story of how you almost lost your purse on your blog. Thank goodness it was returned to you. There are some really wonderful people.

    1. I tried to remember how many gifts I received when I graduated from high school. It’s been too many years to remember. . . but I think that it was quite a bit less than 18.

  4. Being that your Grandmother couldn’t wait to finish school I’d say the pretty drawstring purse and hairbow would have made her very happy. The book cover, maybe or maybe not.

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