Went Christmas Shopping

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Tuesday, December 17, 1912:  Carrie went with me to Watsontown this afternoon. I did my Christmas shopping. I didn’t take as much money as I thought I would.  Jimmie wants to know what I got him. He wants a gun so awful bad. Got him one.

Jimmie Muffly
Jimmie Muffly

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Carrie Stout was a friend of Grandma’s and Jimmie was Grandma’s 7-year-old brother. Given the recent very tragic event  in Connecticut,  it’s hard to know what to write today.  My thoughts and prayers go out those affected by the tragedy in Newtown.

12 thoughts on “Went Christmas Shopping

  1. I think that the most important thing to think about today is that we live in a very different time. Values were very different 100 years ago. We have too many negative influences in society today that help lead to tragedies like we had this week.

    On a more positive note. My Grandfather was born 100 years ago today. He was 84 years old when he passed away, so I have many memories of him. I posted a few of them today.

    1. It’s always fun when we reach landmarks in our ancestors’ lives. I’m looking forward to reading what you wrote.

      I totally agree about times changing. I had a lighthearted post for today that seemed appropriate at the time I wrote it–and when I looked at it last night I knew was totally wrong so I changed the post to what is there now.

  2. I had a lot to say here but nothing came out right. So, I know what you mean about not knowing what to say to your grandma buying Jimmie a gun for Christmas 100 years ago. This is a great post because it makes me think even more about the issue of how to prevent such carnage as happens in our world today. It’s guns, of course. But I think it’s something even more profound and is the result of mass “anonymity.” Thanks for sharing this one.

  3. I remember my brothers receiving guns for Christmas in the 60s. I can’t tell you how many violent video games, no guns, we purchased for my children who were born in the 80s. My heart is sad, I hope the murder of the innocents will encourage effective change.

  4. I find it ironic that this should be your Grandma’s diary entry 100 years before a gun-related tragedy. Time has told that Jimmy must have been responsible with his gift. As 99% of all gun owners always have been. (My own made-up statistic.)

  5. It is ironic isn’t it? But like someone just wrote, it was a different time then and a better time. We have lost that innocence.

  6. I had to take a peek at your latest posts…

    Find the comments quite moving also.

    Always read the comments I say. It tells you a lot about the blog. Can’t wait to read more about the diary.

    Great blog… simple, but so profound.

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