Picnic Was a Success!

16-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today:

Wednesday, August 16, 1911: That picnic was a success after all, even if I did have doubts as to its number. They were all there, that were invited except Carrie, but I don’t care a snap. We had lots of fun, went in wading, and did so many things. Some of the girls put on trousers, and then they pretended they were our beaus, only we didn’t happen to bring any along with us, so we accepted the girls in their place. Had almost as much fun.

Maybe the picnic had a watermelon theme--"A watermelon party in midsummer provides a good chance for pretty table decorations. " Ladies Home Journal (July 1911).

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Yeah, the picnic was a success!

In a weird way, I’m relieved that it turned out well. I know that it makes no sense for me to care about how an event that occurred a hundred years ago went—but Grandma spent so much time planning it (it was  first mentioned in the diary ten days ago) and was so worried that people won’t come.

It sounds like fun. Friends wading in the creek on the Muffly farm and doing many other fun things.

I wonder how fancy—or laid-back the picnic was. One moment I can picture 16-year-old Grandma making party favors and decorating tables for the picnic—then the next moment I think, no way and that it was a very informal pot luck picnic.

The previous day, Grandma went to town to buy nick-knacks for the picnic which suggests that she may have had a theme or at least did a little decorating.

Or maybe the picnic was held on the porch. (Photo source: Ladies Home Journal, July 1911).

4 thoughts on “Picnic Was a Success!

  1. And after all that teenage angst, the picnic was a success! Oh, my, things haven’t changed all that much — judging from my granddaughter’s angst about such things. LOL

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