Winter Activities

15-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today

Tuesday, January 17, 1911. Miss Stout was over this evening, wanted me to go skating or else sliding with her down on the creek with the rest of the gang. I choose to stay at home, and there I remained, and here I am at the present time.

News From Exactly 100 Years Ago Today

Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated as governor of New Jersey on January 17, 1911. Prior to becoming governor he was the president of Princeton University. He was elected president of the United States less than two years later in November 1913.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later

Monday, January 17, 2010. It must have gotten colder and snowed since the entry three days ago when the diary reported that it was raining. Warrior Run Creek flows through the edge of the Muffly farm. I’m surprised that the creek froze enough to skate on. Maybe they somehow flooded nearby land to create a homemade skating rink.

Recent photo of Warrior Run Creek (though taken at a different time of year). The old Muffly barn is in the background.

Grandma’s friend, Carrie Stout, lived on a farm about half way between McEwensville and the Muffly farm. (See Setting page for map and photo.)

3 thoughts on “Winter Activities

  1. I like how she calls her friend “Miss Stout”. I think my friends today would think I’ve gone crazy if I referred to them that way.

  2. I think that she was trying to be facetious. I have vague memories of friends occasionally calling each other “Miss” when I was a child–and my memory is that they meant it in a humorous, endearing way.

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