Photo of Grandma and Me

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Monday, July 28, 1913 – Thursday, July 31, 1913:  Nothing very much doing for these days. It’s so terrible hot and I have a hard time of it just doing nothing. I’d hate to go anyplace such weather as this is.

Grandma and me

Grandma and me

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

This is the last of four days that Grandma lumped together into one diary entry. Since Grandma didn’t write anything specific for this date, I’m going to share a picture of Grandma and me.

Others who have family history blogs often have awesome pictures of themselves with the relative they are writing about—and I’m always slightly jealous.

The few pictures that I have of me with Grandma have many limitations. Time has taken a toll on the color, the picture has lighting problems or is blurry, and so on.

But, in spite of the poor quality of the picture above, I really like this photo so I decided to share it with you.

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  1. I wouldn’t say “poor picture quality”, looks good to me :) One of my close friends recently got into, I want to check out the free trial soon.

  2. Amazing photo!

  3. Wow, the look of the kitchen is bringing back memories. I can almost date the picture by what is in the kitchen. We had a very similar table to the one in the picture. Oh, and you look so cute there with your Grandma.

    • I like those old metal tables. Sometimes I think that it might be fun to buy one that is in really good condition at an antique store–but then I remember that it won’t fit in my the more recent decor of my home. :)

  4. A lovely treasure!

  5. Oh, I LOVE that photo. Although we wish older photos could be much clearer or have better color, it’s special just to have them! I’m sure looking at this brings back many memories for you!

    • I’m surprised how the photo brings back memories of things that I’d long forgotten. For example, it reminded of one time when I sat at the table with my grandparents while I waited (anxiously) for my parents to return from a trip to the the Farm Show,

  6. It looks as though you are having a very detailed conversation. Wouldn’t you love to remember what you were discussing?! Does your grandmother still have long hair in a bun in that picture?

  7. Great photo — that kitchen brings back so many memories!

    • The kitchen is design are so 50s.I think that Grandma was really proud of her kitchen. She and my grandfather built a ranch house on my uncle’s farm after they grandfather semi-retired from farming and the house was pretty new when this photo was taken.

  8. I actually love the look of old photo’s and you are smart to scan them before they deteriorate further. Sweet to cherish these with your Grandma

  9. I love the photo!

  10. I love the photo and that 50s/60s looking kitchen! Helena’s smile as she looks at you is very telling. She sure loved you.

    • You keyed in on the same things I do when I look at this picture. I also really like her smile and the way she is looking at me. I think that’s why it is one of my favorite pictures.

  11. It’s so hard to improve the color on those early color photos. But other than the reddish quailty they give, it’s a wonderful photo. She looks like she is enjoying whatever you have said or are saying.

    • I’ve been surprised how quickly the color has deteriorated on some of my photos–or maybe it just means that more years have slipped by than I want to think about. :)

  12. What a treasure this photo is! And I love being able to see your Grandma as she looked at you with such love. And what a cutie you were! :)

  13. Sweet photo of your grandmother and you, love it. I grew up with a similar table, same color.

  14. Lovely photo, thank you for sharing it! :)

  15. Thankyou so much for sharing this precious photo Sheryl… absolutely wonderful!!!
    Oh, my lovely Miss Muffly… how you have grown :-) xxx

    • When I look at this post, I find that my eyes keep going between the older and younger pictures of my grandmother. And, it’s fun to see the similarities (and differences) in the way she looked across the two photos.

  16. Wonderful photo. I also wish I had more photos with my grandparents.

    • People take so many more pictures today than what they did when we were young. The cost of buying and developing film really reduced the number of photos that were taken.

  17. This photo is beautiful and tender. I can understand why you treasure it. How lucky you are to have it.

  18. Great picture! I agree it is indeed a precious photo and yes Catherine, Miss Muffly has grown into a mature lovely lady!

  19. I agree with everyone. It is a lovely photo. You were obviously telling your Grandma something important to you and she stopped to listen and the photo was captured probably because of what you were saying to save the moment. The kitchen is another great element. Don’t you just love looking around the background of a photo of time past? Modern oven she had there – in the wall. Don’t complain about the quality – it is the quality and evolution of that type of film and print over time. It is a great photo and I am glad you shared it with your audience.

    • You have a good eye for detail. You’re right about the oven. I think that it probably was almost new when the photo was taken. She and my grandfather build a little ranch house after he semi-retired from farming.

  20. 20 comments, so far! What a neat, great photo! Thanks for sharing!! ;-)

  21. It’s a lovely picture. There aren’t many pictures of me with my Grandma either, so I know how you feel. But I think the small number of pictures just makes the ones we do have all the more of a treasure.

  22. I love this photo. It shows the whole kitchen, as well as the two of you! Very sweet.

  23. Great old photo! They dressed in long dresses with oodles of under garmets..and usually slept upstairs:)

  24. My situation is similar, Sheryl: few photos of my grandmother and me. In fact, I don’t think I have a single one of the two of us. I’m a little jealous along with you. But I think this one is wonderful. To your eyes it may not be perfect but for me, it’s very fun to see your grandmother as an older woman after seeing her young photograph when I visit your blog. Looking at this photo probably brings back wonderful memories of your time with her and of being in her home. (I’m so glad you let us enlarge the photo so we can see details.)

  25. I love the picture of you and your grandmother. The kitchen certainly brings back many memories. The picture is indeed a treasure.

  26. Aww Sheryl, this photo is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing it with us here, it certainly is a photo to treasure. :)

  27. That’s a great photo and a treasure indeed!

    I want to let you know that your blog post is listed in today’s Fab Finds post at

    Have a great weekend!

  28. The photo is kept in good condition. It’s a treasure!

  29. What a great picture!!

  30. No wonder this photo brought so many comments! So many of us relate to that kitchen, and that special smile between grandmother and granddaughter. Couldn’t resist adding to the comments!

  31. Helena’s all grown-up! And you’re so cute!

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