53 thoughts on “Hundred-Year-Old Christmas Table Centerpieces and Tablescapes

  1. I love how fancy the tables were set back then. Table arrangements are big in our family too. Sadly, I did not get the decorating gene that my mother and aunt have.

    1. I can vaguely remember some fairly elaborate Christmas table arrangements when I was a small child, but they gradually became smaller (and then vanished) over the years.

    1. Your decorations sound more like my style; though sometimes I think that it might be fun to try to recreate some of these old table centerpieces.

    1. Less can definitely be more–but there’s also something to be said for these old-time elaborate table arrangements. It’s so much fun to see the many creative ideas that are posted on Pinterest.

    1. It’s nice to hear that you like it. Even though the blog has shifted from posting my grandmother’s diary entries to hundred-year-old food-related topics, I continue to use photos of the farm where my grandmother lived when she kept the diary for the header because it symbolizes simpler times to me. I have photos of the farm for all four seasons–and am planning to change the photo as the seasons change.

  2. How lovely! I was in Osborne House last weekend and they had the house set up for a Victorian Christmas (the way that Queen Victoria would have had it). The table centrepieces were very like these.

    1. Until I read you comment I had never heard of Osborne House, so I googled it and enjoyed reading a little about it. The Victorian Christmas there sounds wonderful.

  3. These are beautiful tables. I tried for years to maintain the beautiful table tradition for my family. In fact, we still enjoy a beautiful table at my daughter’s for Christmas celebrations.

    But what gets me in the photos is how tightly packed those tables were. I currently have a round table pretty much like the first picture, and I can’t imagine so many people sitting comfortably in such tight quarters

    1. I can definitely remember some holiday celebrations (especially after some of the grandchildren starting bringing dates) when we tried to squeeze most more people than would fit around the dining room table.

      It’s wonderful that your daughter is carrying on the tradition of a beautiful table. I vaguely remember my mother making nice centerpieces for the dining room table at Christmas when I was small, but my table decorations are much more basic.

        1. When serving holiday meals, I also often run struggle to find enough room for all the food. I bet you’re right that they put the food on the buffet. Old dining room sets from this era often have beautiful buffets.

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