A Sound Sleep is Dreamless

19-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Friday, November 13, 1914:  Am awfully sleepy at present, so good-night.

Source: Wikipedia

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Goodnight Grandma—

Have a sweet and dreamless sleep.

According to a hundred-year-old book:

A sound sleep is dreamless. Dreams require a certain expenditure of nerve force and mental energy, so that dreamless sleep is the most restful. Disagreeable dreams and nightmares are generally associated with indigestion and biliousness, which also occasion a general restlessness.

Personal Hygiene and Physical Training for Women (1911) by Anna M. Galbraith

25 thoughts on “A Sound Sleep is Dreamless

  1. Sweet diary entry. When I read the quote from the book, I was reminded that my mom always related a bad dream I would have to something I ate for dinner!

  2. Maybe it’s true that digestion problems can trigger dreams, but I know from experience that nightmares easily arise without such triggers. Now in my seventh decade, my dreams are worse, and the same is true of my wife’s. I’m convinced we both have a degree of PTSD, having had plenty of stressful episodes in our adventurous lives. So far as I know, there has been no definitive scientific study of the phenomenon, but one thing I can vouch for: strong emotions will set memories in permanence and then provide the basis for nightmares.

  3. I am skeptical about the sleep advice. I don’t dream much. Most of the dreamless time I wouldn’t call my sleep sound.

    My mother would sometimes wake from a dream with a blood-curdling scream. Then dad would grumble about it as they went back to sleep.

  4. I am not surprised that she will end her diary soon, I think she is getting tired of trying to write daily 🙂

  5. We now know that dream cycles are a part of our sleep. One must wake up during a dream to remember it, or to know that we’ve had a dream! ❤

    Good night Helena – Sweet dreams!
    Diana xo

    1. I’m reminded of how some people start diary entries with the words “Dear Diary.” At a minimum it seems like she considered the diary to be a friend.

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