Grandma’s Parents 28th Wedding Anniversary

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today:

Wednesday, May 29, 1912: We teased her about her anniversary, as it was just twenty eight years ago that she was wed. Miss Carrie was over this evening and we did some planning.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

May 29 was Grandma’s mother’s 28th wedding anniversary.  The previous year, Grandma had written in the diary on May 29, 1911:

My mother’s wedding anniversary. 27 years ago. . .

I recently found an old newspaper clipping  from the Watsontown Star and Record for 1909 that included a mention of the wedding in its 25 Years Ago column. It was one of the clippings in the small group of photos and clippings that were found in Grandma’s house after she died. It’s kind of cool that the clipping has survived all of these years.

Miss Carrie referred to Grandma’s friend Carrie Stout.

11 thoughts on “Grandma’s Parents 28th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Isn’t it interesting that Helena says it’s her mother’s wedding anniversary, not her parents wedding anniversary! It’s sweet that she hung on to the newspaper clipping about their 25th for all of those years.

    1. Until your comment, I hadn’t picked up on the wording about the wedding anniversary–but you’re right, it does seem unusual that she didn’t say her parent’s anniversary. Her father is occasionally mentioned in the diary–but I haven’t felt like I’ve gotten to know him like I have her mother. I suppose he was busy doing farm work and was not very involved with the activities around the house.

  2. It seems that your grandmother had a good relationship with her mother, in spite of the dress and cows. I love the way old newspapers mix up everything – weddings, funerals, national conventions.

    1. Like many teens she probably had her moments of frustration with her mother, but it does seem like she generally had a good relationship with her mother.

  3. I miss that our newspapers, even the ‘small-town’ ones, don’t have little articles like this any more, at least not that I am aware of. I wonder why – is it too personal? privacy? I think, perhaps, we are missing some sense of community?

  4. I miss it, too. Sometimes I think that social media sites like Facebook, twitter, etc are a substitute for these types of articles–but it feels like a poor substitute. It seems like we know what people are doing half a world away–but we have no idea what our neighbors are doing. An important sense of community has been lost over the years.

  5. It’s great you can find the original clippings. I only have photocopies done awhile ago before photocopies were very good. But it is really wonderful when we can go back and find these things.

    1. I am lucky to have original clippings. But I know exactly what you are describing. For another branch of my family, I have some old, very poor quality photocopies of newspaper articles that were made back in the 1970s and 80s. They are on a glossy (but almost chalky) paper and some have faded so much that it is impossible to read what is on them.

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