When Things Go Wrong ― Bake a Pie

Source: American Cookery (Apriil, 1922)

Sometimes nothing seems to go quite right. Here’s a hundred-year-old poem that offers a couple suggestions for those times.

26 thoughts on “When Things Go Wrong ― Bake a Pie

  1. Really fun to enjoy this sweet century-old poem, Sheryl. No matter what the century, we humans have our struggles…I like the comforting solution here…bake pies and buy a hat.

  2. This caught my eye and made me think at once of my great Aunt Nina. No matter what happened in the family, Nina always had a pie ready to serve.

      1. I got my love of cooking from her, I think. I still wish I could cook cabbage the way she did. I’ve never quite figured out her secret to that.

  3. I do believe I have a case of ennui! But I feel better now that I know what it is. Perhaps hats are the reason all the ladies in London look so happy. 🙂

  4. You reminded me of the elevator lady chanting “Third floor, shoes, millinery an daytime dresses.” I never did get off there and buy a hat.

  5. Some 40 years ago when I was away at college my mother sent me a greeting card that said “When things are bad and looking worse, keep a cookie in your purse” Mom still bakes the best cookies and we both resort to baking in times of stress – mostly to give away. I suspect that with too much pie, finding a new hat to fit is a bit less depressing than having to go up a size for a new dress!!

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