1913 Welch’s Grape Juice Advertisement

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Thursday, January 23, 1913: Bout the same as ever.

1913 Welch's Grape Juice AdversitementThe

Healthful Beverage

Welch’s is the drink for youth and age. It tastes good, satisfies thirst and is healthful. It contains all the health-giving qualities of the finest Concord grapes. It is a splendid temperance beverage for the home. It adds a touch of cheerful hospitality to all formal and informal affairs.


“The National Drink”

To maintain the high quality of Welch’s we pay from $7 to $9 per ton over the market price, thus securing only the choicest of the luscious Concords grown in the Chautauqua Grape Belt.

Welch Punch

For a dainty, unfermented punch, take the juice of three lemons, juice of one orange, one pint Welch’s Grape Juice, one quart water and one cup of sugar. Add sliced oranges and a pineapple and serve cold. Order a case and have a supply in the house.

If unable to get Welch’s of your dealer we will ship a trial dozen pints, express prepaid east of Omaha, for $3. Sample 4-oz bottle, mailed 10¢. Write for our free booklet of recipes.

The Welch Grape Juice Co.

Westfield, New York

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Since Grandma didn’t write much, I’ll share old ad I found in the February, 1913 issue of National Food Magazine.

15 thoughts on “1913 Welch’s Grape Juice Advertisement

  1. Oh, dearie me Miss Muffly, I would have loved for your life today to not have been “just the same as ever” but, seems that this is what our daily lives are quite often all about, both for me in 2013 and you 100 years ago. e.g Today, in 2013, MUCH is happening and lots of people are getting very “excited” but its “just the same as ever” for me.

    1. As I work on this blog I’m constantly amazed how many things have not changed over the last hundred years–and likewise amazed how much some other things have changed over the same time period.

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