May be at Foot of Class

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today:

Wednesday, October 22, 1912:  Wanted to so to the Convention this evening, but it commenced to rain and Rufus said she wasn’t going, but she did go when Rachel came, and so I’m struggling with my lessons. Made ninety-two, but that didn’t do much good. Some got a hundred. I hate to be at the foot of the class. Wonder if I am.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Yeah! 92% on a geometry test sounds good to me—especially since Grandma’s entry the previous day suggested that she thought that she hadn’t done well on it:

Came to the conclusion that I didn’t know very much in Geometry. We had an exam in it this morning.

And, in the past she’d done extremely poorly in geometry. The day after a geometry test in September she wrote:

 Was rather surprised at the mark I made yesterday. Didn’t think I would hardly get that. Twas the kind that dummies get.

September 25, 1912

Why did Grandma think that she may have come in at the foot of the class? . . . Maybe her teacher indicated that most people got a hundred when he returned the test.

The Convention

I have no idea what “the Convention” was, but it sounds like an important event of some sort.

Rufus refers to Grandma’s sister Ruth. Grandma sometimes called her Rufus in the diary when she was annoyed with her. Rachel Oakes was their friend and neighbor.

8 thoughts on “May be at Foot of Class

    1. You’re right. It was a small class–there probably were 6 students in it. At least I’ve seen records which indicate that 6 students graduated from McEwensville High School in 1913.

  1. I’d be tickled with 92% I’m always asking my hubby to figure things out….he uses a lot a facts and figures at work and calculates really fast, so I’m lazy is what I’m saying, LOL

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