What Should Grandma Write?

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Monday, October 21, 1912:  Some good kind of mortal ought to tell me what to write, for I am beginning to get at the end of my string, as you surely can see by the tone of this entry.

I wish that Grandma had described what downtown McEwensville was like back then. I think that some of these homes were stores back then.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

It’s interesting how Grandma seemed annoyed with herself when she couldn’t think of anything to write. Since she was keeping the diary for herself, it seems like she might have just some skipped days. But, Grandma seemed very disciplined about writing something every day. She must have been very firm with herself.

10 thoughts on “What Should Grandma Write?

  1. There are some days that I have to be firm with myself in getting a blog post out. I try to argue with my self that it doesn’t matter if I post something or not :-).

  2. I am positive that some of the buildings were there. The red brick building is an Assembly of God church ( I think) and the other church style building looks like it was used for borough building or something. I wonder if either one of those churches were the ones she went to. I will send the pictures I took sometime this week. Blessings! Like the others, I too feel as if I should write my journals better – it would be awesome to think 100 yrs later my granddaughter will publish them too.

  3. It did seem people were a lot more serious about life back then. Probably because the chores took so long to do without the luxury and convienances we enjoy today. It’s neat that people live in homes built that long ago. There are a few areas like that in Edmonton but generally, these areas get redeveloped as they are central to the downtown.

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