The Week Flew By

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today:

Friday, August 30, 1912: This week went much faster, than the other weeks that preceded it. Ruth and I went up to Oakes’ this eve.

Recent photo of the farm where the Oakes family lived.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Friday night, after the first week of school! Yeah for Grandma—

And, for those of us in 2012: only one more day until the week-end.

The Oakes family lived on a farm near the Muffly’s. They had several children who were close in age to Grandma and her sister Ruth.

4 thoughts on “The Week Flew By

  1. I’ve noticed in my own family tree and seeing the way families lived 100 years and more ago….that there were usually large families…and they lived close together so that there were always children of the same age near by. My Greatgrandmother was one of twelve….six boys and six girls. A family near them had six boys and six girls… and the two families both married each other… the boy of one family married the girl of the same age in the other family…. Except my Greatgrandmother. She married into a totally different family. From what I can gather she was always doing things like that… something different and unique. She went to France to study painting!

    1. Hi, Sheryl, When I see her tintype when she was very young, she was a tiny waif of a girl… but she did have the headstrong look in her eyes. When she was much older.. in her late 90’s she had a dignity about her that I can only imagine came with much sorrow. These families live in Maine about 130-50 years ago… and the stories that came down to me are certainly harrowing experience often. I guess it was good she was adventurous… still the whole of the experience of life in those days with hardships that are hard to imagine today have always lifted my ancestors into some mythical place in my feelings about them. Sometimes I wish she had been a little more settled so I could feel a human connection … You are so fortunate to have that diary. Thanks for sharing it with me.

      1. Many experiences were so different many years ago than what they are now. A nice thing about putting the diary into this blog is that it has enabled me to not only feel like I have more of a connection to my grandmother, but also it has enabled me to connect more with relatives and to make new friends like you. Have a wonderful week-end!

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