40th Wedding Anniversary

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Tuesday, May 21, 1912: Ruth was away nearly all day. I’m getting so tired on my repetition. One that seems to never have an end.

Seated adults (left to right): Ruth (Muffly) Gauger, Helen(a) Muffly Swartz, Raymond Swartz, Bill Gauger

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Many of the pictures that I recently found were from time periods more recent than the diary, but I think that you’ll enjoy some over them, so I’ll share a few over the next couple days .

The picture today was taken in 1961, about 50 years after the diary, at the 40th wedding anniversary party of my grandparents.

Both my grandmother and grandfather graduated in 1913 from McEwensville High School; however, I don’t think that Grandma ever mentions him in the diary. It always seems really odd to me that she never mentions the guy she ends up marrying since they attended an extremely small high school. (There were six people in the graduating class).

Classmate and Future Husband: Raymond Swartz

I think that the reason may have been that Grandpa was 3 1/2 years younger than Grandma. He apparently skipped several grades and probably was considered the smart little kid in the class—but was not part of Grandma’s social set until sometime later.

Ruth Muffly

The husband of Grandma’s sister Ruth, Bill Gauger was a few years older than Grandma and was mentioned in the diary.

Bill (William) Gauger

17 thoughts on “40th Wedding Anniversary

  1. It sounds as if Helena was left at home alone again today, poor thing.

    It’s great seeing a more recent photo of Helena, with Raymond, and on their 40th anniversary. The little girl, sitting on the floor, on the far right…is that you by any chance?

    1. I’m the little girl on the left (the one with her eyes shut). It’s funny but I still seem to often inadvertently shut my eyes when a photo is snapped.

    1. Anniversaries and other family gathering provide such a wonderful opportunity to take photos that will be treasured by future generations.

  2. Thinking back I wonder why I can’t remember any wedding anniversary celebrations or photographs for either side of my family. Helena still looks like herself all those years later.

    1. Her hair turned gray–and she’d added a few pounds and years, but she did look similar to the photos that were taken when she was young.

  3. The little boy sitting on Raymond’s lap looks similar to Helena’s brother. Love the photograph and look forward to seeing the rest of the recent found.

  4. A handsome family – wonderful family treasure. Raymond remained as handsome as his school photo. I wonder if he was not mentioned as she might not have been “sweet” on him in school at the time of the diary and Ruth and Bill were already together. Yes, I agree, the little boy looks like Jimmy. It was my first thought.

    1. Bill was mentioned in the diary, but he and Ruth were not yet a couple in 1912.

      When this diary entry was written Grandma had recently turned 17–and Grandpa was 13 1/2 years-old. Today I don’t think that students that far apart in age would ever be in the same grade, but I guess that it was different back then. It’s difficult for me to imagine what Grandma would have thought about a classmate who was that much younger–though obviously a few years she was “sweet” on him.

  5. Great photo, Sheryl, a real keepsake! I hope someone has made copies and identified all the people in it so future descendants will be able to figure out who eveyone is. You were adorable, even with your eyes closed! 🙂

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