A Greasy Day

16-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Friday, December 29, 1911:  Today was such a greasy one, so you can guess what happened. I had all the odd chores at the house and barn to do. Well it’s over at last, but there is another same kind of day coming again this winter. Ma says she’ll have to have some help then, meaning of course I’ll have to miss a day at school, but I’m not all together hopeless. I believe there is always a way out of most any kind of a difficulty even if it isn’t visible.

Recent photo of the Muffly farm.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Occasionally a diary entry totally befuddle me. This is one of the times.

I can’t figure out what a “greasy” day was—and why there was going to be another one coming up that might require Grandma to miss school to help.

In any case, it sounds like Grandma was planning ahead, and trying to figure out a way so that she won’t need to miss school. Yeah, Grandma! (I love her resourcefulness and how she thinks ahead.)

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