Hundred-Year-Old Flexible Flyer Sled Ad

16-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Friday, December 22, 1911: Strung some pop corn for on the Christmas tree. Jimmie got a sled today after a lot of ding-donging for it. He had to go along with Pa to see that he got the kind he wanted. Ruthie came home with them, well supplied with lots of news. I only hope she got me the Xmas present I wanted. She got Jimmie a horn. With two horns he ought to makes things buzz for several days at least.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

I wonder if Grandma’s six-year-old brother Jimmie got a Flexible Flyer sled.

Source: The Youth’s Companion (December 7, 1911)

Flexible Flyer—“The sled that steers”

Every boy and girl wants one. It’s the ideal Xmas gift. Nothing you can give the children will make them so happy! Don’t buy simply a “steering sled.” You want more than that. You want a FLEXIBLE FLYER—the safest, speediest, handsomest, and most economical sled made.

With the ordinary “sled” you drag the feet to steer, but you steer the FLEXIBLE FLYER by the mere pressure of hand or foot on the steering bar. You can steer accurately in any desired direction past all other sleds, and around every obstacle.

Just think of the saving this means in boots and shoes, as well as in doctor’s bills! It prevents wet feet, colds, etc., and actually saves its cost many times each season.

The FLEXIBLE FLYER is light and graceful. Easy to pull up hill, yet so strong and scientifically made it

outlasts three ordinary sleds

Another important feature is our patented grooved runners which prevent skidding on icy hills or pavements. These grooved runners are far superior even on snowy surfaces to flat or rounded runners used on all other sleds. It also has more steering surface than other sleds.

Ask your dealer to show you its many other exclusive advantages. Don’t accept a substitute.

Insist on a FLEXIBLE FLYER and be sure to look for the name on the sled. It isn’t a FLEXIBLE FLYER unless it bears this trade mark.

Win every race!

Card-Board Model FREE, also a beautiful booklet, illustrated in colors showing coasting scenes, etc. Just write a postal giving your name and address and say—“Send model and booklet.” We will gladly send them both absolutely free. Write to-day before you forget it.

S.L. Allen & Co., Box 1100 C, Philadelphia, Pa.

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