Formerly Pine Grove

Thursday, January 5, 1911:  Missing entry: Diary resumes on January 12

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later: 

Since there is no diary entry again today, I’ll tell you a little more about what I’ve learned about McEwensville.

There is a sign at the edge of town which says that McEwensville used to be called Pine Grove.  I can’t remember the town ever having another name, but I thought maybe it had a different name when Grandma was young. But according to George Wesner’s History of McEwensville the name change occurred much earlier.

The building that once housed Alex McEwen's tavern.

The town was originally called Pine Grove, but there was a problem because another town in Pennsylvania had the same name. So the residents decided that the town needed a name change.

A War of 1812 veteran named Alex McEwen owned a tavern in the hamlet. One evening a number of guests were at the tavern. Alex was a fantastic host and the probably well-lubricated guests were having a wonderful time. The town name issue popped up. It was suggested that the town should be named after Alex—and it has been McEwensville ever since.

2 thoughts on “Formerly Pine Grove

    1. The book called Watsontown, McEwensville, and Delaware Township: A Real Picture Postcard History by Robert Swope, Jr. is the best source I know for old photos. It might possibly contain a picture of your house. It’s the best source that I know of for old pictures.

      I bought my copy of the book at the Packwood House Museum in Lewisburg. I also included information about how to buy the book and Robert Swope’s contact information in the post titled Old McEwensville Pictures:

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