Window Pane Tore Dress

19-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Friday, August 28, 1914:  Ruth and I went to town on the train this morning. I was to bring some things home that she didn’t want to bother with. By good fortune I got an auto ride and tore my dress on a pane of glass I was carrying.

window pane

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:


Did you want to go to town with your sister Ruth to bring things home that she “didn’t want to bother with”? . . . .or did your parents make you go?

Somehow it doesn’t seem like an older sister should be able to force her younger sister to carry a pane of glass. It sounds dangerous. Did you break a window?

At least you got to go into town . . . and, you got an AUTO RIDE! What fun! Overall it sounds like an okay day—except for the torn dress. Is it repairable? . . . or is it ruined?

31 Responses

  1. Your questions are so good – it is a pity they cannot be answered! I suppose your very young grandmother had no clue her diaries would be read by random strangers from around the world who would be impatiently requiring more information. But I am quite enjoying making up my own wee scenarios to fill in the gaps – I think your blog is enjoyable and just a little bit addictive :-)

  2. A day in town, a mishap and a ride in an automobile – what an adventure!

  3. Thank goodness she got out again and has found her voice. Wonder what the auto was like?

    • I agree! It’s hard to guess what kind of car it might have been. There were lots of types of cars made in 1914, including the Model T Ford.

  4. How tricky, carrying a pane of glass!

  5. Aw….I’m sorry she tore her dress. It reminded me of the time I was riding home from the hardware store with my mom and grandma, and cut my leg on a roll of screen wire we’d bought. (I know – it’s really not the same, but it brought back that memory.)
    That pane of glass must have had a rough edge! Glad it didn’t cut HER.

  6. ‘By good fortune I got an auto ride…’

  7. Those autos are becoming handy :)

    • I had a similar thought. In the past Grandma mentioned riding in cars several times–but those rides seemed like an adventure or novelty rather than serving a useful purpose.

  8. I love the dry sense of humor that shows through in her report of the incident.

  9. She doesn’t sound to concerned about the tear. Maybe she was so excited by the ride in an auto that the tear was a minor event, just a blip. :)

  10. I am delighted to find this story and your other writing on this blog. I look forward to reading more.

  11. By some good fortune? This sounds like Helena’s wry sarcasm and sense of humor. Imagine having to carry a pane of glass home though.

    • She did have a wonderful sense of humor. It sounds awful to have to carry a pane of glass home. Since it tore her dress, it must not have even been wrapped.

  12. A pane of glass does sound dangerous to carry!

  13. […] The previous day Grandma wrote that she went to town with her sister to help carry some things, and that she tore her dress on a pane of glass. I’m now wondering if the glass was needed to repair a window in the school. […]

  14. I’m glad she didn’t have to try to carry it on the train.

  15. How ironic that an auto ride is as exciting to Helena as it is for me to go on a horse or a horse and buggy! Times have indeed changed. Like the one commenter, I let my imagination run wild with what what Helena did during her days. It helps that I was able to drive around and see where she and you were raised. I hope we can meet some day – that would be fun. Blessings

  16. […] details please! What did you buy? Did you buy some Daggett & Ramsdell Cold Cream? You recently got a ride in an auto—and maybe are hoping for another one. It’s vital that you’re […]

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