1914 Johns-Manville Asbestos Roofing Advertisement

19-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Monday, July 20, 1914:  Nothing of importance.


Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Since Grandma didn’t write much a hundred years ago today, I’ll share a hundred-year-old ad that I found a bit unsettling. Today we hear so much about the problems with asbestos. I was surprised to see an ad for asbestos roofing in the March 15, 1914 issue of Kimball’s Dairy Farmer Magazine.

12 Responses

  1. That’s before they knew of its dangers, just like the lead in old clocks and mercury in thermometers and fillings!
    Weird to see it in print though, right?
    Diana xo

  2. Yes, before they knew….and like the dangers of tobacco!

  3. “Nothing to deteriorate”–that’s why New York and all large cities have had to spend a fortune on asbestos abatement!

  4. Fortunately, asbestos is banned since the 80s. But, it still a big problem.

  5. One of the prized items a young couple might receive as a wedding gift in the 1960s was an asbestos pad that could be used to protect a Formica counter top from a hot pan or skillet. Asbestos was used in shingles and the siding on houses. It’s a material with a variety of uses, but unfortunately, it is also deadly.

  6. This was made near where I grew up, in Manville, Somerset County, New Jersey – it caused many problems.

  7. we have a sign used by a prominent dry goods store in Sumpter that boasts of selling led based paint…… who knew back then? :)

  8. Asbestos roofing…makes me wonder what ads/fads of today people will be posting about us 100 years from now :-)
    Wish you a great week!

  9. That does sound ominous – asbestos roofing! So much they did not know then and who knows how little we know now?

  10. Asbestos was used in so many things up until 1979. Then they banned it in homes, but it is still used in many other places, such as brake linings.

  11. I often wonder about companies being sued for having asbestos in their products when no one understood at the time that it was hazardous.

  12. wow! Advertising Asbestos … if only they knew then what we know now.

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