TIZ Foot Soak Advertisement

19-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Sunday, April 19, 1914:   Was storm staid at church this afternoon. Had on a pair of new shoes and no rubbers, but managed to get home all the same.

Source: Milton Evening Standard (April 2, 1914)

Source: Milton Evening Standard (April 2, 1914)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:


I hope your shoes weren’t ruined. Do your feet ache from walking home with wet feet? Maybe you’d feel better if you soaked your feet in TIZ.

32 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t mind some TIZ to draw out poisonous exudations.

  2. Good one, Sheryl! ;)

  3. That is a hilarious advertisement! “weary, shoe-crinkled, aching, burning, corn-pestered, bunion-tortured feet”. But if my toes were to look up at me, I’d be very…..worried!

  4. Exudations? Let’s try to work that one into a modern-day sentence. Love the image on the ad.

  5. ‘Storm staid’ is an expression I’ve never heard.

  6. It’s curious that the ad could spell exudation correctly but left the r out of draws a few words earlier.

  7. You & Helena both gave me something amusing to ponder–“storm staid” and this vintage ad! I notice that the proofreaders at the Milton Evening Standard were not on the ball (“daws” instead of “draws”) but whoever wrote the copy certainly had fun. “Tiz” happens to be the nickname of my cat “Tizzy.” So–all in all, great post!

  8. Drawing out the poisonous exudations that cause foot torture. Can i order some for after my long run today/ :)

  9. Need to purchase a bit of this for H. He’s had foot problems for a month now! ;)

  10. I’m laughing here because the no-nonsense graphic descriptions of what’s going on with your feet to what TIZ will do to cure them… well let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t eating when I read it!
    Diana xo

  11. Do people still wear rubbers?

  12. It’s interesting to see how detailed every advertisement was. . :)

  13. Now that is 3 advertisments in one!!! wow, so cool

  14. […] was the second rainy day in a row. According to a book published in 1914, The Principles of Hygiene by D.H. Bergey, MD, […]

  15. Toes wriggling with joy! Love it!

  16. Good Grief, woman sure had foot issues back when. Sounds monstrous, LOL Shoe crinkled, burning, corn festered, bunion torture ! Them are some ugly feet. But have you seen some of the small boots they crammed them into? They look like AAAAA’s so no wonder.

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