How to Decide if You Need Some New Spring Outfits

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Thursday, March 6, 1914:  Same as ever.

Source: Ladies Home Journal (February, 1914)

Source: Ladies Home Journal (February, 1914)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

I think that Grandma had cabin fever. From her perspective, a hundred years ago today was just another boring day in a string of boring days.

Going shopping for new spring clothes always give me hope that warmer weather will be here soon. Was Grandma also taking stock of her wardrobe—and considering whether she needed any new outfits?

Here’s some advice from Mrs. Ralston—no first name is provided– in the April, 1914 issue of Ladies Home Journal:

Personally I shall always believe that a sense of economy is necessary for a true appreciation of fashion. No credit is due the woman who is not obliged to consider ways and means of meeting ends in the selection of her clothes.

I do not believe that the latest fashion should count a cent. In choosing her clothes a woman should only be influenced by the answer to these questions:

  • Are they becoming to me?
  • Can I afford them?

If pressed, one might even omit the second question.

19 Responses

  1. Maybe she is wondering how some one else thinks she looks in different outfits :-)

  2. I love the last bit ; “if pressed, one might even omit the second question.” Many of us would prefer to be pressed on that account if it is a garment that we think suits us very, very well.

  3. Someone (perhaps you?) has commented before that it seems that maybe Grandma had just not taken time to write in her journal for several days, and then went back and wrote a few words for each day (“Same as ever”) to flil in the blanks… Guess that means that nothing exciting was happening – or she didn’t have time to make note of it!

    • Yes, I think that these past few days seem like something that she entered later to fill in the blanks. . . .She actually wrote something for the entry that will be posted tomorrow. . . I promise. :)

  4. Helena is making you work pretty hard these days!

  5. I especially like the outfit on the left and the one on the center. With just a little adjustment, they’d be fashionable for today :)

    • And, I think that the picture on the right is starting to show a hint of the “flapper” look that will become popular in the 1920s.

  6. I love the questions at the end!
    Diana xo

  7. Spring fever it is! I’m sure Helena was bored and tired of winter like we are today.

  8. To these questions I would add… Does it fit? Jane

  9. The 1st World War is about to bring a huge change in fashion…and life.

  10. “I do not believe that the latest fashion should count a cent.”

  11. I was looking at a catalog of summer fashions and if I order anything from here, I will definitely have to take the second piece of advice :/

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