1913 Parker Games Advertisement

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Wednesday, December 17, 1913:  Went to town this afternoon to do my Xmas shopping. I managed not to spend all the money I had taken along with me, and still bought the presents I had decided upon.

Source: Ladies Home Journal (December, 1913)

Source: Ladies Home Journal (December, 1913)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Yeah! It’s always good when gifts cost less than anticipated.

Grandma, what did you buy? . . . . Maybe a game for your 8-year-old brother Jim that both you and he would enjoy playing?

19 Responses

  1. I know Rook and Pit, but don’t think I have ever played Plaza.

  2. I loved playing Rook & Pit growing up too, but hadn’t heard of Plaza. Another one referred to in great grandma’s journals was “Lost Heir” which I eventually found. We tried playing it, but couldn’t quite see how it could be fun enough to stay out until 1:30 am playing!

  3. To keep within one’s budget is quite a feat, especially at Christmas time.

  4. Well done Grandma for staying in budget.

  5. Imagine advertising today’s best-selling video games with the tag, “You can’t imagine the charm and interest until you play it!”

  6. I remember the name Rook, just how old does that make me – no wait – don’t tell me.

  7. Love that advertisement Sheryl… have never heard of any of those games. Goodonya, my Miss Muffly, for staying within your budget… wish I could :lol:

  8. My husband and I used to play Rook all the time in the evenings, and I’m NOT OLD! :-)
    Wish I could have money left over…
    Christmas was simpler then, wasn’t it? Heck, life was simpler then!
    love those old ads!

  9. We played Pit not long ago at my mother-in-law’s house. It had been years. And we hadn’t realized that it had been around so long!

  10. I love playing games, but it’s dangerous with my shoot-to-kill hubby. Years ago, in an effort to get him into game playing, I taught him Chinese Checkers. For the next week he was obsessed with it, wanting to play over and over and over again – but he’d never want to finish a game. The moment he realized I was ahead, he’d remove his marbles. Then he mastered it and would beat me soundly every time, regardless of what strategy I employed. Had it just been a case of losing, that would have been fine, but he enjoyed beating me so much and gloated so outrageously that I finally refused to play anymore.

  11. Sounds like Grandma was a savvy shopper!

  12. They didn’t have debt like we do today. I like how Helena bought the presents that she had previously decided upon and brought with her only what she thought that would cost.

  13. Oh, I still enjoy playing PIT!!! I wish I could get it for 50 cents though! I like playing with older versions because the newer ones replace the commodities with modern ones. Nah, leave me with flax and barley please!

  14. I think Rook is still sold, how interesting that some games can last for so many years.

  15. Hi Sheryl. A Christmas shopping trip – part of the season. I wonder what Helena would have thought of my shopping trips. I sit at the computer and pour over websites until I have found just the right item. Then I add them to my Shopping Cart! Lots better than concrete floors at the shopping mall! jane

  16. Rook was old when I was a kid! I’ve never even heard of Pit and Plaza. Thank you for making me feel young today.

  17. I have never had that feeling. I am glad she enjoyed the day.

  18. I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas season. (I would have liked to have sent you festive wishes sooner but was without the internet for a week due to a broken cable, so am now catching up on blogs.)

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