The Right and Wrong Way to Hang Pictures

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

Tuesday, November 11, 1913:  Nothing, nothing.

Wrong Way1913-11-49.a

Right Way1913-11-49.b

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Since Grandma did “nothing” a hundred years ago today, I’m going to share some fun drawings from a November, 1913 article in Ladies Home Journal about the right way to hang pictures.

How Shall I hang My Pictures?

In the furnishing of any room the question of the proper selection and hanging of pictures is one which should be given careful consideration.

Probably the most common mistake in home furnishing is the use of too many pictures. A wall crowded with odd-sized pictures, usually of indiscriminate selection, produces the most confusing and annoying effect.

Wrong Way1913-11-49.c

Right Way1913-11-49.d


Wrong Way1913-11-49.e

Right Way1913-11-49.f

Hmm. . . the “right” way looks good to me–but I don’t keep up with decorating trends. Is this still the right way to hang pictures?

19 Responses

  1. I think it really depends on how many pictures you need to hang and how much wall space you have. Also, if it is a public or private space. I like to have a lot of things hanging in my personal office, but in my living space there are less items.

  2. I like your Grandmother’s entry. Perfect. I may do the same one day with a post :-)

  3. Oh dear. I think my pictures may be guilty of having an annoying effect.

  4. I love the old drawings! But I think today’s trend is to go with more pictures.

  5. I think the right way is the way you like it ;0) Great post. I wonder if grandma sounded a little sad in writing ‘nothing, nothing’ ? How about her romantic musings from a while ago…is she waiting?

  6. I never think of right way or wrong way…I love pictures of my loved ones all around me and have them hanging everywhere.

  7. Even though Grandma is a woman of few words you always come up with some amazing content to fill in!

  8. Even today not everyone would agree with the magazine advice. This is a fun post.

  9. I think mine are hung all wrong… :)

  10. I’ve seen recent examples of the ‘then wrong way’ done a bit neater recently! I googled it to show you!

  11. I hang my frames in both the “right” and “wrong” way. I make my own rules and call it artistic license ;)

  12. I kinda like the wrong way better than the right way, but any way is right if you personally like it. :)

  13. Poor Helena . . .

  14. My look is more the wrong way!! I love my pictures this person who wrote this would hate to see the one wall in my den, I have pictures from when I was a little to my own family hanging there. ;) I think there is a wall behind them?! ha ha

  15. Oh, no, no, no. I most prefer the asymmetrical “Wrong!” lol

  16. If I look at my house, it looks like the ‘wrong way’ in every picture. I believe in using every square inch of wall space!!! Jane

  17. I thought the right way looked a little bare. I will say the wrong way didn’t place their multiple pictures very well. Said as a person with tons of pictures and very little wall space.

  18. Is there a right or wrong way? If you like what you’ve done in your own living space, then it’s right. (I prefer things neatly and uniformly done though.)

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