Which Friend Does This Diary Entry Refer to?

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today: 

 Sunday, August 24, 1913:  Went to Sunday School this morning. This afternoon I walked out to Margaret’s. We had a dandy time together and spent it to advantage.

Margaret Bryson (Photo source: Jane Shuman)

Margaret Bryson (Photo source: Jane Shuman)

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Some mysteries periodically recur throughout the diary. This is one of those times. Grandma only mentioned a couple friends in the diary—yet two of those few friends were named Margaret, so I’m not sure who this entry refers to.

Both Margaret G. (I’m not sure of the last name) and Margaret Bryson are mentioned.

Grandma lived about a mile and a half west of McEwensville. Margaret Bryson lived about two miles north of town (near the Warrior Run Church), so it would have taken close to an hour to walk to her home.

The farm where the Bryson family lived a hundred years ago.

The farm where the Bryson family lived a hundred years ago.

For more on Margaret Bryson see this previous post:

Blanche and Margaret Bryson

12 Responses

  1. Back when people actually didn’t seem to mind walking!

  2. I still like to walk to places and I bet the two friends enjoyed a nice summer afternoon.

  3. It’s interesting how a mile didn’t seem that far away back then. I’m glad she had friends. I wonder what “spent it to advantage” means. Did they quilt? crochet? paint the house or clean the carpets? . . .

  4. Wow, is that the same house that Margaret would have lived in? Things sure last a long time round there.

    • The area is old–and, since there hasn’t been much growth over the years in the McEwensville area, many of the old homes and other buildings are still standing. Earlier this summer I had the opportunity to visit with some of Margaret Bryson’s descendents–and they showed me where she lived.

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  6. […] (Peggy) may refer to either Margaret G. or Margaret Bryson. Both were friends of Grandma’s. Tweetie was a nickname of Helen […]

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