A Boring Sunday with No Place to Go

18-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today

Sunday, August 3, 1913: Went to Sunday School this morning. Didn’t go any place this afternoon although I would have liked to.

Recent picture of the house and yard where Grandma lived when she wrote the diary.

Recent picture of the house and yard where Grandma lived when she wrote the diary.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Grandma—I bet that you wanted to be part of the action (whatever that was back then). It’s no fun when everyone else is busy and you’re stuck at home with nothing to do.

I can remember how slow Sunday afternoons sometimes seemed to pass when I was a child. My parents were glad to have a day when they could rest, but I was BORED!!

15 Responses

  1. Some things never change. This reminds me of a present day young lady and one from a few decades ago. ;)

  2. I’d love to know exactly where she would like to have gone!

  3. Sundays can be very boring, especially for the young. I have nieces and nephews just a few years younger than me, and they (and their moms) would visit on Sunday afternoons. It was so lonely when they left…

  4. Surprise – The long summer Sundays were the same 100 years ago!

  5. Oh my gosh, I was probably away from home all day on Sundays, riding bikes with friends, exploring the field down the street, exploring our imaginations, throwing rocks in the river, etc. Saturdays were spent house cleaning and my we needed a break from that on Sundays. Perhaps this is how my parents got to rest too – we were outside! ;) Maybe though, going back to how people were expected to behave and be lady-like, etc., this was harder for Helena to do.

  6. Maybe she has to stay home to do chores.

  7. I wonder if she was a “people person” and enjoyed the company of others.

  8. Our Sundays were never used for playing, or going out anywhere we would be causing someone to work — like a service station, a restaurant or a store. Did Helena go out on the Sabbath any other weeks?

  9. I guess there wasn’t much crafting back then? That’s what I would do. Maybe they’d quilt or knit thru boredom

  10. I am going to a birthday party. Wish I could invite Grandma….

  11. It is interesting the differences in the generations. My daughter sees Sunday as ‘Great, a day off. I can DO things’ whereas I think ‘Sunday, a day off. I can do nothing’.

  12. The garden at the house looks so lovely, I can imagine finding a nice shady shot and reading a book there. But grandma wanted to go somewhere, so reading a book in the garden wouldn’t do!

  13. Does your family still own the Muffly Farm?

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