Finally Received Bible!

17-year-old Helena Muffly wrote exactly 100 years ago today:

Sunday, July 7, 1912:  Went to Sunday School this morning. Received my Bible after having been learning verses for about a year and a half.

Her middle-aged granddaughter’s comments 100 years later:

Whew, Grandma finally received her Bible. She learned 700+ verses to get it—and some weeks she learned more than 20 verses. For example, on December 23, 1911 she wrote that she was trying to  learn 27 verses that week.

She sure was persistent—I never would have stuck with it.

Grandma completed memorizing the verses on May 26–and received the Bible the previous week (June 30), but they kept the Bible to put her name on the cover .

11 Responses

  1. Hi. I wonder if you still have her bible… do you know what happened to it? Jane

  2. YAH!! I was wondering the same thing if you still her bible. Patty

  3. Oh, just look at that!!! … Miss Helena Muffly I am SO proud of you. A job well done, indeed… and such patience in waiting for the “reward”. However did you manage to contain yourself when the much worked for/ sought after bible finally turned up but was NOT inscribed with your name? Now you have it in your hands. So so happy for you.

  4. Happy for her — she did work hard for it!

  5. Congratulations Helena, the bible was a gift well earned.

  6. I have the same question about how long she kept the Bible and where it ended up? Did she record her future milestones in it? Wouldn’t we love to know.

  7. I think we all have the same question: Where is the Bible? Was anything recorded in it?

  8. It was all a hundred years ago but it’s so exciting, like she just got the Bible! I bet she would be so surprised at all us strangers following her life.

  9. Thank you all for the comments and questions about the Bible. I don’t know what happened to the Bible. I asked my father about it. He said he can remember the family having several Bibles when he was growing up, but he can’t picture this one specifically.

  10. It’s been so busy the past few days I just now got to read this – and of course, I wanted to find out what happened to that Bible!

  11. What an accomplishment! Good for her that she finally received it!

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