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  1. Ha! I would like to see a mother with young children, meals to cook, etc. go lay down in a darkened room! A walk in the open air is a good idea for anyone.

    • I agree! A walk would be much better. I’m not sure why people “took to their beds” when there were problems in the old days. It seems like they’d just brood.

      That said, right after I wrote this I was really upset about something someone said. My husband said, “Maybe you should take that advice about going to bed instead of saying what you think.” We had a good laugh–and I’m glad I held my tongue.

  2. Is Phoebe, your mother or your grandmother’s mother? Just curious.

  3. I love this -A brisk walk sounds like a good remedy for a common scold…perhaps I should heed that advice! Or perhaps sending the small children outside for a walk or run is an equally good solution.

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